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The D.A.P.S. (Developing Attributes Producing Success) Mentoring Program is the friend needed for those who are considered "at risk".

DAPS Mentoring Program is a comprehensive solution focused on empowering and assisting those young ones in society who are made to feel vulnerable and "less than" others because they are viewed as different in some way

Is it fair to ask our children to be something other than what they are? Why can't they be “Unapologetically Me”? After all, the pain of being someone or something we are not can be unbearable and that is why many persons end up being classified as "at risk". 


The definition for unapologetic means not settling for tolerance, nor satisfied with acceptance, but expecting celebration, fully and unconditionally.


We owe it to our young ones to give them the best fighting chance we can because life is full of trials. We work with these young ones to give them more than a fighting chance. We give them encouragement, empowerment and goal(s) for success.


Founder: Onika T. Brown


With a passion for empowerment and development in the lives of individuals from all walks; Dr. Onika T. Brown is a Serial-Entrepreneur, Success Coach and Faith Leader along side her husband.


Dr. Brown serves as the Director of D.A.P.S. (Developing Attributes Producing Success) and is a published author. Empowering individuals across the world, she has brought meaningful impacts that have produced individual, personal development resulting in community changes.

She is known for "Practical" messages delivered to communities through conferences and churches. Dr. Brown has caused focal turn around and eye awakening for individuals succeed and live life purposefully. This has caused her, to work out the mandate to "Empower" others. 


Dr. Brown is a passionate Success Coach advancing this generation as a sought after Speaker, who carries out the mandate to empower; bringing current and practical clarity to communities nationally.

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